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About Us
Posted on: 2018-03-23                Back to List
        Founded in 1987, Chun Feng Food started with the manufacturing and sales of processed meat products. In 1998, it procured a whole range of processed bean food equipment and began manufacturing dried tofu products with the entire island of Taiwan as its target market. 
       Chun Feng Food has always been devoted to improving its production technology and product quality. To achieve this, it applied to the government in 2006 for the establishment of Yunlin County Xi Zhuang Cooperative Farm, which was later operated under the supervision of, and in consultation with, the Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan, the Agriculture Bureau of Yunlin County Government, and the Innovation Incubation Center of NCYU. This endeavor was to ensure that our healthful and tasty products are additive free and always safe to enjoy.
       Insisting on the hygiene and safety, Chun Feng Food only uses US-imported soybeans and never adds preservatives. All the products are high temperature sterilized and vacuum packaged to address health concerns and to keep the original taste.